Best jeep safari tours in Ladakh

Are you craving for adventure and some adrenaline rush amidst the Himalayas? Then, a jeep safari tour into the wilderness of mountains could be your calling. Ladakh is a treat to any nature lover with its pristine lakes, snow capped mountains, beautiful rivers with their vibrant hues, grandeur monasteries and quaint little hamlets that will take your breath away.

A jeep safari tour in Ladakh is the right getaway that will assure you an exotic raw beauty of the Himalayan mountains for your adventurous soul. Its rough bumpy roads will meet the rustic scenic beauty of the grant mountain ranges.

Our experienced Ladakhi drivers will take you safely on the highest roads in the world. Our drivers have experience in driving on rough roads and in extreme conditions. This journey will take you on the remotest of roads to explore the hidden beauty along your way.

Jeep safari tour in Ladakh

Popular jeep safari routes in Ladakh

The most popular routes in Ladakh among adventure-seekers are:

  • Route 1: Leh to Nubra valley via Khardung La
  • Route 2: Nubra valley to Pangong lake via Shayok valley
  • Route 3: Pangong lake to Tso Moriri lake via Tsaga La
  • Route 4: Leh to Manali

Jeep safari route 1: Leh to Nubra valley via Khardung La

The jeep tour to Nubra valley is an enthralling experience, driving over Khardung La pass (5,602m), the world’s highest road. On your way, get to witness the hardworking fellows of Border Road Organization who keep the road sane for your journey.

Nubra valley has a lot to offer. The majestic Maitreya Buddha statue along the beauty of Diskit monastery, the sand dunes of Hunder village and its magnificent double hump Bactrian camels will only spice-up your thrilling journey. Another stretch from Diskit, an incredible drive will offer an experience of abundant and rich Balti culture and tradition. Turtuk, the last village of India, will offer another dimension to your whole jeep safari. On the other side of the valley, Panamik village, along with its view of the entire valley, will calm your spirit and offer you solace so that you be ready for another adventurous drive through the odds of mountainous thoroughfare.


90 km

Trip duration

2.5 to 3 hours

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Nubra valley tour

Jeep safari route 1: Leh to Nubra valley via Khardung La, Ladakh

Jeep safari route 2: Nubra valley to Pangong lake via Shayok valley

This jeep safari route follows through Shayok valley. A drive from Nubra valley to the Pangong lake region without returning back to Leh. The road was rarely used earlier but, with its growing popularity, tourists are taking it in increasing number each passing year.

The route is treacherous and it is a unique experience for the adventurous travellers. An unconventional and isolated route with barren wilderness, while dotted with a few hamlets along its rough course, it offers a lifetime experience to cherish forever. The mighty Shayok river, one of the tributaries of Indus river, will accompany you as the route snakes over the river bed. During the silk-route days, the through-fare was used by the famed traders of Yarkhan, the Xanjiang province in Tarim Basin of today’s China. The Bactrian camels that you witness in Hunder village are live remnants of the glorious past of these forgotten pathways.

Due to lesser traffic, this silent stretch evokes a spiritual yearning of sorts along with the shear thrill of its precarious bends, curves and rhythm. The road is 130 km in length. The only caution to be wary of while taking on this jeep safari tour are water deluges due to melting snow in summer which sometimes make it hard to pass through without a fight.


130 km

Trip duration

3.5 to 4.5 hours

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Nubra valley & Pangong lake tour

Jeep safari route 2: Nubra valley to Pangong lake via Shayok valley, Ladakh

Jeep safari route 3: Pangong lake to Tso Moriri lake via Tsaga La

Pangong lake is renowned for its mesmerizing and scenic beauty. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural sites of Ladakh. While visiting the famed lake, do savour what the nature has to offer at its best. Conditioned to the weather and sun light exposure, the lake is a fiesta of colours, especially blue. You could spot shades of blue - the emerald blue, sky blue, turquoise blue, dark blue, light blue, faded blue. The surreal experience will redefine your senses of the colour blue not to mention the earthy hues of its mountains and landscape around.

From Pangong lake, you can drive to Tso Moriri lake via Tsaga La pass into the vastness of the Changthang plateau. The region is a wildlife treasure trove, and if fortunate, you might be treated with the presence of the exotic Himalayan wildlife stock. Once the scene of 1962 Indo-China war, the Rezang La War Memorial tell-tale the stories and legends of valour and ultimate sacrifice of the Indian soldiers while defending their mother land. From Loma village, you will drive through Bridge before heading to Tso Moriri lake where this jeep safari route ends.

The lake of Tso Moriri presents another spectacular view along a small village known as Korzok. You could stroll along the lake or a trek up on the nearby hill, the astonishing view will make your jaw drop. You can also spot some rare bird species if you are a birdwatcher or take your delight in the starry nights.


290 km

Trip duration

8 to 10 hours

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Nubra, Pangong & Tso Moriri tour

Jeep safari route 3: Pangong lake to Tso Moriri lake via Tsaga La, Ladakh

Jeep safari route 4: Leh to Manali

Leh to Manali highway is around 450 km and connects Ladakh with Himachal Pradesh. Since historical times the route is celebrated amongst the travellers for its adventurous and thrilling passages, vast cold-deserts and high-mountain passes. The perfect place for the ultimate jeep safari experience.

Most of the road, the Leh-Manali highway, does not have any civilization. It is just the nature and you. The absolute splendour of the passes like Taglang La, Baralacha la or Rohtang la is compelling and mind grappling. You can halt at Sarchu overnight and recuperate from the tedious journey - it has many options for your lodging.

Needless to say, you must be well informed of the condition of the road and take precautionary measures to stand against any odd. While your jeep driver takes you on the toughest road, be cautious of the water crossings or landslides that could hamper your journey. It is always safer to take precautions before you embark on this journey. As soon as you cross Rohtang La, you can venture further into beautiful and lush green Manali and Himachal Pradesh; a world with starkly different culture, traditions and colours than Ladakh.


470 km

Trip duration

13 to 16 hours splitted in 2 days

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Leh to Manali road trip

Jeep safari route 4: Leh to Manali, Ladakh

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for jeep safari tours in Ladakh?

The jeep safari tour from Leh to Nubra valley via Khardung La can be done all year round. Indeed, even during winter, the Khardung La pass remains open by the Indian army because this is a strategic route to the Siachen glacier near the India-Pakistan border. In case of heavy snowfall, the Khardung La pass could closed for a day or two while the army clears the snow from the road.

The jeep safari tour from Nubra valley to Pangong lake via Shayok valley can also be done at any time of the year. However, this route sometimes get closed for a few days in summer (July and early August) when the road gets flooded due to melting snow.

The best time for the jeep safari tour from Pangong lake to Tso Moriri lake via Tsaga La is from May to November. This trip can also be done in winter, but be ready to face extreme cold temperatures in this part of Ladakh.

The road from Leh to Manali is usually open to traffic from early June to mid-October when the mountain passes are clear of snow. The rest of the year, the road is closed.

Do I need a special permit for jeep safari tours?

The jeep safari tours take you to remote roads and you will need an Inner Line Permit to access these areas close to the border with Pakistan and China. You can apply for this permit when you are in Leh and the application process usually takes one working day.

For the road trip from Leh to Manali, the Inner Line Permit is not required as long as you stay on the main Leh-Manali highway.

How to prevent Acute Mountain Sickness during jeep safari tours in Ladakh?

During the jeep safari tours, you will be crossing high-altitude mountain passes above 5,000m altitude and you will stay in villages above 4,000m. Therefore, it is very important to be well acclimatized to the altitude before starting the jeep safari tour so as to minimize the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) or altitude sickness.

Therefore, it is recommended to have at least 3 days of acclimatization at 3,500m altitude (in Leh and in the Indus valley) before starting a jeep safari tour to a remote area. Moreover, note that you will be far from any medical facility during the jeep safari tour, so it is essential not to take risk.

Where can I sleep during the jeep safari tours?

During the jeep safari tours, you can find accommodation options in the villages. In the remote villages, you may not find hotels but you can always find guesthouses and homestays. These accommodation options usually cannot be booked in advance (they do not have a website) so your driver will help you to find the best options when you reach the village.

In the Nubra valley, you can find many accommodation options in Hunder, Diskit and Sumur. In the Changthang region, you can stay near Pangong lake, in Korzok village near Tso Moriri lake and there are few guesthouses and homestays in Thukje near Tso Kar lake.

Who will be the driver during the tour?

During the jeep safari tours, a licensed Ladakhi driver will accompany you. Indeed, to drive on the rough and remote mountain roads of Ladakh, it is essential to have an experienced driver who can insure your safety at all time, even in the most extreme conditions. Moreover, our Ladakhi drivers will also give you plenty of interesting information about Ladakh and its culture, history, wildlife, food, etc. And if you like, you can listen to Ladakhi music in the car!

Author: Lhundup Gyalpo
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