Ule Ethnic Resort

Hotel in Sham, Ladakh

Ule Ethnic Resort

3.6 / 5 - 108 reviews

#59 of 67 hotels in Ladakh

Uleytokpo, 11 km from Alchi monastery

₹ 10,600 / night

View of Ule Ethnic Resort, Ladakh
Room at Ule Ethnic Resort, Ladakh
Ule Ethnic Resort, Ladakh

About Ule Ethnic Resort

Ule Ethnic Resort is conveniently located near Alchi and Rizong monasteries, between Leh and Lamayuru. It is an ideal base to visit western Ladakh and the Sham valley. The resort uses solar energy and focuses on sustainable tourism. It has 15 deluxe cottages and 15 huts in a beautiful garden overlooking the Indus river.

Room types

  • Deluxe hut: double bed, private bathroom, garden view
  • Deluxe cottage: double bed, private bathroom, garden view

Facilities at Ule Ethnic Resort

Free Wi-Fi




Games room

Daily housekeeping

Luggage storage

Car park (free of charge)

Laundry (additional charge)


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What's nearby

  • Rizong monastery - 6.8 km
  • Alchi monastery - 11 km
  • Likir monastery - 22 km
  • Basgo monastery - 28 km
  • Confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers (Sangam) - 38 km
  • Magnetic Hill - 42 km
  • Gurdwara Pathar Sahib - 45 km
  • Lamayuru monastery - 46 km
  • Leh - 70 km

Hotel rules


Check-in: from 12:00 pm

Check-out: until 10:00 am

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation more than 45 days preceding your check-in date, you will pay 35% of total amount as cancellation fee.

If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days preceding your check-in date, you will pay 50% of total amount as cancellation fee.

If you cancel your reservation more than 20 days preceding your check-in date, you will pay 75% of total amount as cancellation fee.

If you cancel your reservation more than 15 days preceding your check-in date, you will not be refunded.

Children Policy

There is no age requirement for check-in.

Extra bed

Extra bed can be arranged on request.

Additional cost: ₹ 5,200/night.

Typical client reviews

Ule Ethnic Resort for Ladakh stay

Tucked atop a hill overlooking the Indus river, Ule Ethnic Reort offers a picturesque setting. The highlight is undoubtedly the views of the surrounding landscape. The resort features nice wooden bungalows set in a well-maintained, expansive garden. The bungalows are quite small and minimally furnished, the softness of the beds may not suit everyone. Additionally, there is no television provided. On a positive note, the bathroom meets expectations, offering warm water for a pleasant shower, and all amenities function properly.
When it comes to meals, both breakfast and dinner are satisfactory in terms of quality. However, the dining experience takes place in a modestly equipped restaurant that complements the simple style of the bungalows. One aspect that left a negative impression on me was a prolonged incident involving the owner who engaged in confrontations and raised voices at the reception in the presence of guests for an extended period. Regardless of the circumstances, such behavior is unacceptable. Nevertheless, if your primary goal is to revel in the stunning natural surroundings, the resort serves as a decent option.

Abhijeet, India

Good location but disappointing food

We got a cottage with river view, creating a scenic setting. Despite the small size, the cabins are neat, well-planned, and boast ample natural light, giving an illusion of more space. Attention to detail ensures comfort, and the staff is friendly and welcoming. Regrettably, one of the bed sheets had stains.
On a less positive note, the dining experience fell short of expectations. Despite being a fully vegetarian kitchen, the food was below average. Attempts at diverse world cuisines missed the mark, except for the fresh salads, which we enhanced with olive oil, lime, and seasonings to create a satisfying meal. The apricot dessert, however, was a delightful exception.

Shweta, India

Overpriced resort

Undoubtedly, Ladakh is stunning everywhere you look. No need to break the bank on an expensive resort to soak it in. The place itself is lovely, and they whip up fresh apricot jam and juice from the trees, pretty charming, right?
However, I had a concerning incident. During the night, a staff member attempted to enter my tent, leaving me, a solo female traveler, on edge in the middle of the mountain desert. Armed with keys as my makeshift weapon, I stayed vigilant all night. The management acted promptly the next day, seeking information to identify the intruder. Although I couldn't pinpoint him, I provided all the details I could. To feel safer, a male friend joined me the following night.
Regrettably, the checkout experience soured things. They tried to charge my friend as a single occupant despite him simply sharing my tent, which had two beds initially. It was disheartening to go through such trauma and then face a struggle over a few rupees during checkout. Disappointing.

Marnie, USA

Resort with good views in Sham, but food was not good

We spent a night at Ule Ethnic Resort during our visit of the Sham region. It is located between Alchi and Lamayuru, along the main Leh-Srinagar highway. The resort has rooms with good amenities. Plus, you enjoy a sweeping view of the river and mountains. However, the food didn't impress me; even the friendly staff couldn't save the poor breakfast.

Santosh, India

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