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Sham, Nubra, Pangong, Tso Moriri, Zanskar

Homestays in Ladakh

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All villages in Ladakh (Sham, Nubra, Pangong, Tso Moriri)

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Homestays in Ladakh, Ladakh

About Homestays in Ladakh

Homestay is a popular and affordable accommodation option for responsible travellers and adventurers in Ladakh. For travellers who are looking for authentic village life experience during their holidays, then homestay is the best choice. With homestay, visitors get an opportunity to immerse in Ladakhi culture, lifestyles, hospitality, food and drinks, not just to see it all but to live it too.

Homestay directly empowers and benefit the community members as well as the environment, while giving the chance to visitors to experience the real culture of Ladakh. It enables a constant flow of travellers to rural economies, creating multiple livelihood opportunities for local people.

Homestays in remote villages do not have websites so they cannot be booked in advance. Your driver will show you the best homestay options when you reach the location.

Homestays in Leh & around

Most of the homestays in Leh are within the walking distance to Leh market. You will find many of them in Changspa area and on the northwest outskirts of Leh town. Most homestays in Leh are surrounded by fields and agricultural lands. Therefore, travellers can stay just 10 minutes walk from the main city center (where all the shops and restaurants can be found) while experiencing the relaxed village feeling offered by the homestay environment.

For those who prefer to stay away from the town, almost all the villages in the vicinity of Leh have homestays too. For example, many options can be found in Saboo, Shey, Spituk, Phyang… Many homestays grow their own organic vegetables which are used for the meals prepared for the guests.

Homestays in Sham (Alchi, Lamayuru, Dha‑Hanu, Kargil)

The Sham region, the western part of Ladakh, is the most populated region of Ladakh with dozens of villages, and therefore hundreds of homestays. You can stop in any village in that region, you will find homestays. There is no better way of understanding and experiencing the Ladakhi culture than staying in a homestay. To spend some time with the villagers who have lived in the area for so many generations is a priceless opportunity. You will discover how they live, listen to their stories, share a meal with them. These are the things you can never experience when staying in a hotel.

Alchi, Likir and Lamayuru are the most famous villages in the Sham region because they are larger than other villages and because important monasteries can be found in these villages. However, you will also find homestays in any other village in the region, including the smallest ones. Staying in a homestay in the Dha-Hanu valley would be the perfect opportunity to meet the Brokpas, a tribe with a distinct identity, culture, language, costumes and tradition.

Those going for trekking will also find homestays in the villages (even the most remote ones) along the trekking routes. Your hosts, in addition to the usual dinner and breakfast, will also provide you with a packed lunch if you need.

Homestays in Nubra valley

In the Nubra valley, you will find homestays in every village. The people of Ladakh are known to be very hospitable and friendly to travellers. Staying in homestay will be your best chance to interact with Ladakhi villagers and learn about their life, culture and traditions. It will also be the opportunity to try homemade Ladakhi food, an experience that you will remember forever.

Homestays are dotted throughout the Nubra valley. Many homestays can be found in the main villages of the valley: Diskit, Sumur and Hunder. Homestays are also found in other smaller villages such as Turtuk, Panamik and Khalsar. Staying in any of these villages is real treat. Beautiful traditional Ladakhi houses surrounded by fields where you can see the local people doing their daily work. And all around, the beautiful landscape and the impressive mountains of the Nubra region. This is typically the kind of places where traveller like to slow down and spend a few days enjoying the village life.

In the evening, when your hosts are back from the fields, you will all gather in the kitchen to share a meal with the family. That will also be the time when you can learn Ladakhi language. Your hosts will also provide you with invaluable information about the region that simply aren’t available from any guidebook.

Homestays at Pangong lake

All the villages at the bank of Pangong lake have homestays. You could ask your driver to take you to Spangmik, Maan, Lukung... There are other nice villages too such as Tangtse and Durbuk where homestays are available.

By staying at a homestay, you will be able to taste authentic Ladakhi home cooked food. It has more variation and flavour than any restaurant food. You could even join the family in the kitchen to help with the cooking process if you are interested! You can also experience the activities of your host daily life, harvest fruits during fruit seasons, look after the animals, play traditional games… This will be a memorable experience for sure.

Homestays at Tso Moriri lake

The best way to discover Ladakh is through staying in a homestay for a personalized, immersive and authentic travel experience. With homestay, you can experience all of these things and it is much cheaper than a hotel! Indeed, homestay is affordable and it benefits both locals and travellers.

In the Tso Moriri lake area, there are very few villages and accommodation options are limited. Korzok is the main village on the bank of Tso Moriri lake and many homestays can be found there. Homestays are also available in other villages in the area such as Hanle, Chumathang and Tukje (near Tso Kar lake).

Homestays in Zanskar valley

The Zanskar valley is renowned for its small and remote villages. Staying in homestays during your trip to Zanskar offers a wonderful opportunity to experience authentic village life. If you visit in September, you can witness the harvest and even lend a helping hand to the villagers in the fields.

When exploring Phuktal, it's highly recommended to spend a night there to fully immerse yourself in the unique monastery's way of life.


Typical client reviews

Absolutely perfect and comfortable homestay

We took a 5-day package tour to Nubra, Pangong and Tso Moriri and we chose to stay in homestays during our trip to have an immersive and authentic travel experience. The families in homestays are very welcoming, offer sweet tea when you arrive at their place and there’s always plenty of butter tea in the kitchen. The kitchen area is the best place in a Ladakhi house where you get to meet with all the family members, a great opportunity to interact with them and why not learn some Ladakhi words. We enjoyed our stay with host families throughout the journey and really impressed with their excellent hospitality and personal attention. We definitely recommend homestay experience.

Andrea, Italy

Great Ladakhi experience

Our stay in Ladakhi homestays was absolutely awesome, the rooms are clean and many have great views of the vegetable gardens and mountains. We are family of 4 with 2 small kids of 5 and 8 years old and we wanted our kids to experience the real Ladakhi culture what better way to do this than staying in local houses. Our host families were friendly, kind, and hospitable and the food was the best. They cook food using fresh vegetable from their garden and our kids got hands-on experience making momos and they thoroughly enjoyed with great fun and laughter. Juley to everyone and we will come again soon!

Jean-François, Belgium

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